About me

My name is Victor Mangeng. I was born in 1991, I live and work in Schruns/Austria.

My sense for working in 3D was already developed at an early age, but during my time at the Commercial School I noticed my enthusiasm for sculptural work. Opposites attract

Victor Mangeng Bildhauer bei der Arbeit

The manufacturing process of a sculpture is the most crucial part that forms my creative inspiration as well as my ideas. The technique of sculpting must be mastered, otherwise I would not be able to incorporate the design and aesthetics in the final work. The materials I use predominantly are wood, stone, cement and bronze.

Sculpture is the art of the hole and the lump; the art of illustrating shapes in the play of light and shadow.” – Auguste Rodin

The former shed of our farm was converted into my atelier, and this is the ideal place for me to pursue the creative process, and to dedicate myself to the constructive flow. Nothing is more satisfying for me than delving into such a special creative spirit.

The art is constructed in your head – the subject of it in the atelier” – Charly Schneider
My ambition, to bring a specific technique to perfection as well as working on the highest level, together with the boundless possibilities in the fine arts, are the outcome of my artworks.

In arts, it’s not about finding the right answers, but more about asking the right questions“- Victor Mangeng


Victor Mangeng Bildhauer Porträt


1991 *in Schruns / Vorarlberg / Austria
2006 – 2009 Commercial School in Bludenz, Vorarlberg/Austria
2009 – 2014 Carpenter Apprenticeship
2012 Opening of my own atelier
2014 World trip, divers visits by artists
2014 – 2015 Self-employed Sculptor
2014 – 2017 Wood- stonesculptor Apprenticeship at Prof. Rudolf Geisler-Moroder, Tyrol


Exhibitions & Symposium

2015 Eschen,-(FL), group exhibition, sculpture park
2016 Montafon-(A), solo exhibition, art night, October<
2016 Feldkirch-(A), solo exhibition in Wexelstube “no doubt”, November
2017 Vienna-(A), group exhibition, Stilgallery, “the womans magic”, July
2017 Feldthurns-south tyrol-(I), symposium, October, “early age-protostoria
2017 Canton of Bern-(CH), group exhibition, November, Gallery Hess
2018 New York (US), group exhibition, March, Artbox-project
2018 1.summer academy val-gardena with Peter Senoner, Markus Delago & Aron Demetz, July

2018    Bregenz (AUT),solo exhibition, July